Embrace Your Chaos

Embrace Your Chaos

The house is a wreck. There are toys all over the floor. The kitchen is a mess and there is evidence of a few meals from the dishes in the sink and pots on the stove. The basket of clothes is still sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be folded for the second, third, fourth, etc. day in a row. The kids are running around like wild animals creating more chaos in their path. It’s hard to function when everything around us is in a state of chaos. There are a few ways people tend to approach chaos.
1. Avoider – This type of person ignores the chaos around him or her and tends to act as if it doesn’t exist. This type of person will just keep pushing forward and attempt to pretend it isn’t affecting them. We all know this type of person. The person who is extremely sick but refuses to acknowledge they are sick. They just keep thinking if I keep moving and pretending this isn’t real, then at some point my fantasy is my reality. The problem with this approach is eventually the stress and chaos will catch up to you and it will have a harder impact from building up for so long.
2. Fighter – This type of person faces the chaos head on. This person organizes everything amongst the chaos hoping eventually things will fall into place. If the kids’ rooms are organized, they will be able to put things away easily. If the playroom has organization, the toys will get put back in place. If the pantry is neat and orderly, the food won’t be all over the place. This person organizes and hopes and prays the chaos will conform. This person attempts to make their life seem picture-perfect. You know, as long as we don’t look like we live in utter chaos, eventually it won’t be utter chaos. The problem with this approach is the need to control everything around us can lead to anger when things aren’t in our control and order.
3. Consumer – This type of person becomes consumed by the chaos. This person becomes completely overwhelmed by the tasks each day brings and that sense of being overwhelmed intensifies with each day. We become so consumed by the chaos and the stress it becomes all we see. This person struggles to keep up with work, friendships, family, kids, housework, etc. Everything becomes too much and hiding feels like the safer option. The problem with this approach is if we allow the chaos to control every aspect of our lives, we may forget how to get out of that place.
Here’s the thing, none of the approaches are wrong and we all probably fall into all of these categories at some point or another. But, I am here to tell you that being in any of those just brings more stress and chaos. Instead, we need to stop and look around us and embrace our chaos. Life gets busy and fast! Do we all want to spend the little down time we have stressing over that messy house or the pile of clothes that has been staring at us for a few days. Give yourself some grace! Remember that today’s struggles can be tomorrow’s silly stories. So you just vacuumed and mopped the floor today and your child spilled a whole bag of chips on the floor? In the moment, we may become  frustrated, but guess what? That can be swept up! Don’t allow all the little mishaps that occur every day take your joy! Look at those chips on the floor and laugh with your child because of course the children spill right after we clean the floor. Just embrace the chaos that we call life! I promise you, if we all decided to embrace the stressors and chaos in our daily lives, we would all be so much happier.
PS. Just know, if you come to my house, the pile of laundry on the kitchen table is our new décor style. The sticky floors were mopped just yesterday, but man popsicles are so yummy and a little messy. Don’t mind the crumbs on the couch, though it was vacuumed just last week, my kids and I are trying to exfoliate the couch to see if that gets rid of the dirty. ;P Around here, we embrace the chaos and remember to find the little bits of joy sprinkled throughout our lives.

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