Love Yourself

Love Yourself

In a world where we preach self-love and self-worth, we often tend to forget to practice what we preach. We often tend to compare our bodies, lives, homes, wardrobe, etc. to those around us. We base our value by how our lives compare to others. Why? Why can’t we just love the skin we are in and the life we live? It’s time to stop comparing the paths we walk to the paths others walk and start loving ourselves!
Social media can be an amazing platform to share your story and connect with others. It can provide you with the opportunity to build relationships with people you may otherwise have never met. It can help us discover new information and learn about topics we may other have never learned about. But social media can also be the foundation upon which we tell ourselves lies or compare our lives to others. The picture you see is just a snapshot of a greater picture. That picture represents one part of someone’s life, but it doesn’t show you the mess and chaos in other parts. Each and every person is walking a path filled with obstacles, tribulations, and battles others have no idea about. Our value and worth aren’t less than theirs simply because our wardrobe isn’t as trendy, or our house isn’t as organized, or our bodies aren’t as lean.
Think about how quick we are to compliment another person’s outfit, body, home, vacation, or major life event. Why does someone else’s highlight automatically feel like a low light in our lives? Instead, we need to remind ourselves we are beautiful, strong, courageous, and powerful. We have to get to a point that we take charge of our own happiness and not allow anything to steal our joy from us. We must take control of our destiny! The only thing we should be striving to be better than is yesterday’s version of ourselves. If we focus on becoming a better “me” each day, then we are taking back the control of our future.
Next time you scroll and see that perfect home, perfect body, perfect life, remember that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and there is beauty in our “imperfections.” There is beauty in our chaos! Let’s all live perfectly imperfect and love ourselves a little more each and every day.

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