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The Power of Self Love

“Love Yourself” is a phrase we all hear all the time. While we so desperately want to love the skin we are in, sometimes we all fall victim to negative thoughts.  Over the course of the past two years, people have come to realize how powerful and important self-love. Truly loving yourself can drastically impact our quality of life. 
In a recent study, scientists decided to test to see how much of an impact positive talk can have on a person’s life. Scientists planted three plants in three of the same plants in three separate pots. All plants received the same amount of sunlight and water. The first plant was the control pot. The scientists never talked to this one. The second plant was placed in an environment which only spoke negatively towards it. This plant was never told anything positive. The third plant was placed in a positive environment. This plant was only told positive things. Throughout the experiment, scientist noted the plant that was spoken to at all grew at normal rates. The plant in the negative environment began to wilt and die within days of beginning the experiment. However, the plant grown in a positive environment began to grow at exponential rates. This plant prospered! At the conclusion of the experiment, the scientists noted the impact that positive self-talk can have on a plant. 
The way we talk to ourselves directly impacts our growth in life. Focusing on the positive things in our lives and on our bodies. It is so easy to get caught up in the world and compare our lives or bodies to others around us. Though it may seem harmless, we are inadvertently stunting our growth and prosperity in life. We have to remember the way we speak to ourselves dictates the love we have for ourselves and the love we allow others to show us. We have to love ourselves enough to speak kindly to ourselves. We need to speak positive affirmations over ourselves daily. 
I have a mission for you! Starting today, speak one positive thing over your body and one positive thing over your life. Whenever you find yourself being negative or down, tell yourself about the aspects of your life that are prospering. This could be as simple as, “Today I and the courage to get out of the bed. I am brave and strong!” or “I love my hair. It makes me feel beautiful.” Identify the positives and focus on them. Your growth depends on it! 


  • Erin Small

    Wow! What a powerful message written here. I am going to try talking positively to myself.

  • Rhonda Morgan

    Wow! That was very much needed by me today. I plan to start loving myself more. I’m my own worst critic. Very hard on myself. Thanks so much!

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