Josie Posie Co.

Josie Posie Co.

Welcome to our first Small Business Showcase! Today we are putting our favorite bow shop in the spotlight!

Josie Posie Co. is primarily a handmade bow shop for kids. The owner Chelsy makes a variety of bow styles. Including; big bows, small bows, headwraps, and piggies! They occasionally offer handmade clothing and hope to incorporate joggers and leggings soon. Along with all of these wonderful things they also offer safety certified teethers, bling tights, and sunnies for your mini!

Chlelsy's inspiration for JPC comes from her daughter Josie. After shopping other bow shops she decided to try her hand at making her own. "I really wanted to be able to choose my own prints and inspire others to fall in love with putting their babies in big bows" says Chelsy. Thus JPC was brought into light! "I just want to see those happy babies and mamas with their JPC products."

Every bow is handmade right in house. You can tell that so much love and time is put into each and every product that is packaged up and sent out! Chelsy runs this business all on her own while caring for her two beautiful children and she is an inspiration for small business owners everywhere. 

If you're looking to shop small we will always highly recommend JPC. Click her link below to browse her site. You won't be disappointed!


  • Brooke Ledford

    I absolutely love Josie Posie Co and the products that are offered. We have so many bows and my daughter’s absolutely love them. Chelsy is fantastic at what she does.

  • Demie Fitch

    Love seeing small shops supporting each other. Both Josie Posie co. & The Bubble Bee co. have amazing products. The shops are both ran by great people. I love the quality of the bows from Josie Posie for my girls.♥️

  • Chelsy

    So beautifully written, I can’t thank you and bubble bee co. enough. We love you! ♥️

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